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Saturday, 25 August 2018

Video Locker APK free download (latest) for android

This the best video locker app which is used by many world users. The app is one the best to hide your personal videos data. The personal data may include your secret videos which you want to safe from viewing someone. This can help you to lock your gallery. This is very safe and virus free app for your android phone.
This one is easy to use that you can draw a pattern or use a pin that may hide your videos.

This apps has the key feathers that include:

* If someone steals your SD card and wants to watch the main data, then he/she will not be able to see.

*However many apps are being listed in the recent opened apps but this will not be listed.

* This is very secret feather that if you forget to lock out the app, it will be automatically logout as soon as your device goes to sleep mode. 

* This is helpful in both tablets and other smartphones you can use for both very easily.

* Has no ads session. 

These all are the best feathers and you can download from our website easily.

This is how to hide?

Hiding your videos is so simple but you must follow our guideline.

* Download it easily from our site and install in your tablet or smart device.

*  Go to the app you have installed and open. 

* You will be asked to apply a pin for your app. Now you got the place which you need.

* Click the icon and you will be asked to add your videos. You can easily add dozens of videos from it.

That"s easily you did and you are most lucky one to add your videos to secret mode.

Must download from the link given below.


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