8Liker APK latest version v1.4 Download Free for Android

Name of this APK file                              8Liker

Size this app takes in your phone             2.9 MB

Version                                                      v1.4

Developer                                                   8Liker

Required System                          All Android OS

Price for this app                               Free for you

It happens that you are always silent in the social media, Facebook, Instagram. The huge silent refers to no like in your status update, photo update or any video you add in front of the world. But it seems that no one is interested to like one time. If you see the friends list there may be thousands but no single Click on the Button of the like.

This is very serious case that if never gets any impression or like what you upload to the Instagram, or to the Facebook which are used by world users. Take an example. My cousin was using Facebook for last five years and no one was interested to like only one time. What happened he complained me and recommended him to install this smashing weapon that is latest APK VERSION 8Liker. Very useful APK file to get 1000+ likes in few minutes. No any frustrations.

This APK file is the most useful in all aspects whether you want this tool to be applicable in the Facebook or Instagram. This file is also said to, Instagram Auto Follower and Instagram Auto Liker. This helpful tool can be downloaded from our website and go to the Download link and Click.

To enjoy the happier moment the world of Social Media you must need to have some grip that grip must be touched. To the grip of this tool download this APK file that is 8liker. This APK file has uncountable feathers but here for you only best

The Best Feathers of this APK file 8Liker (auto liker):

  • The best and smashing feathers:

  • You can get 1000+ likes in little time with no any spam to your Facebook Id or the Instagram.

  • Easy to download and to get into, and use for the best over results you will experience.

  • Major likes by people but you need just to have requested them free.

  • Have no any site effects for your accounts or simply this automatically never use your personal accounts for any sort of unethical work.

  • Only works for getting likes for your photos on Facebook and Instagram.

These all are the best feathers which you will experience in this APK file 8Liker. To enjoy these all feathers you need to get to the installation process.

To setup this File for your accounts is little bit difficult. Because, if you make any mistake your account can be at risk. Means your account can be blocked for permanently. Therefore, you must stay with us and read the below instructions:

Applications of This APK 8liker (Auto liker):

Download the 8Liker app file from link given below means one Click to it.

Next you need to install this APK file in your device OS android.

3rd instruction is to remember to go the settings and in security you need to enable the unknown file.

Fourthly, you need to launch this APK file from the box of your menu and fill the type of form. This will be confirming your email address and the password.

The official has put a block to the filter the traffic, so you might need to generate the token and paste the in the mentioned area of the page you will be given.

Now you are redirected to the page where you choose the photo and put the likes easily. In the number you can put likes.

For you to inform that you must never go beyond the number 200 because, this is known for the safest number for getting likes in Facebook.

If you say that this number is not falling on my expectations then you can repeat this process after half an hour.

Repeat the process again and again that you will be able to get more then thousands of likes each day.

This all means that you are not alone but you have a smart weapon that is 8Liker 9Auto Liker).

Download APK File!  (Free Download)