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Thursday, 20 September 2018

AirDroid v4.1.9.1 APK Free Download (Latest) for Android


NAME               AIRDROID

SIZE                   26.9 MB

VERSION          V4.1.9.1


PRICE                      FREE OF COST

Getting assessed with the PC is one of phases when we want to transfer our data between. Or transferring the data between mobiles is also common when we come to life we spend with android phones. This APK file AirDroid is designed to make this work so easy. Connecting with the windows and working with your device in the big screen is always a great pleasure. Download the APK file and get connected with the PC and work in the big screen.

Much more this APk has is the connection with the pc means no any data cable is required. Is this not comfortable? Yes it is. And I am sure you will experience great by this application in your device. Just need to install in your device and get connected.

You can enjoy many more by this APK file like, the games you play, like candy of crush, clash of clans in the big screen. Many have brought by the Application like get notified, calls in the big screen. Is this not interesting? Yes this is to me. Hope for you too. Just click the below download link and get connected with the APK FILE in your device.

As you will be award that sometimes these type of tasks need to have rooted device. Root is required to launch these types of files. But you will enjoy this application in no rooted device. Smart weapon for your device, must download.


We always bring the APK files which are great and do work in some aspects of your smart phone. This file is so commonly used in transferring the Files between the Pc and the android phone. You can use this Apk file to transfer the files between your android phones and many more. Moreover, you can use this APK to get assessed in the Pc, as you can get messages, chat with friends, you Whatsapp, Messenger and many more. You can also install your APK files in the big screen and you will enjoy many more. You can download this APK file from our website and get connected for more apps and games.

Summarized words About the AIRDROID APK file:

  • Work in the full screen

  • Allows you to work in the big screen, it means you can get notifications, calls in the Desktop.

Focused area

  • Chat; call in the big screen of your computer means you can be focused very easily in the eye of your notification.

Tools comfort you!

  • This means the control is in your hand, like the physical keyboard, mouse etc. you can get work done by these tools in physically. 

  • Connections you will be connected

You will be easily connected for some connections like using whatsapp, messenger, wechat etc. root device Is needed.


Everyone one wants great feathers. When I was using the airdroid before this version I was lacking the feathers which were needwd. Now this version has been developed with many of the best feathers in it:

The main feathers:

  • Sending messages from all of your desktop control is keen feather of this application. Moreover, the contacts you have’ you can browse them.
  • Connecting your smart phone with pc without any data cable. How much easy it has made. 
  • Works in all best browsers like chrome, opera, safari firefox etc, means you can do in all browsers.
  • Wireless means backup your phone. Export files to the SD card and enjoy your life with best files.
  • Provides the best physical keyboard means you have the control on it.
  • You can install or uninstall any of your applications by the pc.

This is application where you can download from Google play Store or from here too. If you want to download this APK file then go to the below link and hit the download link.

This is obtained from direct Google Play Store, means this APK file is free of virus, cheat or any crack. One of the best files have found by world users.

To get the APK click the below link:

Get the APK (Free Download)

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