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Tuesday, 25 September 2018

MYLIKER v3.0 APK free download (latest) for android

App Info

Name                My LikerVersion                 3.0

Developer             SHPK

Require System      android 2.0 and above

Price                      Free of cost


Are you really struggling to get likes in the platform of facebook. Many of you may be in the situation to have few likes in the facebook photos, videos, statues and many more. Don’t get worried we have brought the latest most powerful weapon to get likes in the facebook that is Myliker for you. Just download from the download link given below and get going.

These types of files can be downloaded from Google play store and therefore it is mean to be the pure APK file. Such files are not cracked and are also virus free. Your device will never be suffered by the problems of any bad sector from this APK file. Don’t wait for a while and download and install in your smart phone to get likes in the social media platform.

You may be feeling that this has brought only likes; not that true you can get likes as well as comments in the photos or videos you have added. You just need to download the APK and need to install in your smart phone and play with likes in the facebook.

You will be getting likes from the organic traffic not from the app. You will see that one submission for likes will increase your likes to triple and more then that. Surely this APK is more and more delightful to get likes and increase likes.  There are many numbers to get likes. When you select the number 12000 then you will be getting 12000 likes on your facebook post. Just go the below link and download the latest APK myliker.


100% free for your smart phone to download and install.
You can get free likes by this APK file.
No Rooted device is needed.
Best liker to get more then 1000 likes in less time.


Not the difficult steps to download an install in your but must stand to end the reading.

Go to the below link and download the file. You can download the file from the link written as “free download”.
The file will automatically asks for saving the file and you have to saver the file.
Now! After done with the process of download you will see that the new downloaded file will be added in your download bar.
Click it to install in your phone. This will take little time to get installed.
Now after a while you will se that the new file has installed in your phone. 

That’s you did!


Simple and simple steps to geared up for getting uncountable likes in the facebook.
When the file icon appears in the menu of your apps then go to it and logged in. you must have internet connection.
I assume that you have facebook account. Now you will asked to provide the details if you are signed in.
You need to give your facebook account information to get into.
Now you will see the profile of your account.
Get to the photo you in which you want to get likes. Select the image and put the number.

That’s you did too!


Really true question that if you get many likes in one day then it will be the fake work. How you can get more then 2000 likes in one day. This APK works according to the plan. If you get more likes in little bit time then every one will say that he or she has used liker to get likes.

From stopping this file works in three or four days. This only what do the people will never feel that he or she has never used any liker to get like in the facebook. This means you are loved ones in the social media. Doesn’t loss any second go and download the APK MyLiker in your smart phone.

There are many likers whom we brought like 8liker, 7liker, 9liker, apental calc, likematic APK file. These are the best too and you can get them from here as well.


These types of APK files can be extracted from the Google play store as they are fully charged. No any virus or cracked file. The developer of this APK file has fully guaranteed that this is the perfect and 100% clean APK to get likes in the platform of facebook.

This is the latest APK file myliker which is smart with many featehers so download myliker.

Note: if your smart phone has the version below then 2.0 then it will be difficult for you to install this APK in your phone. Note that this APK works in the versions above then 2.0.

Get the APK

If you are not facing the problems and are interested to download the APK file then go to the below download link and save it to your smart phone.

Download the APK (Free Download)

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