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Name                                       ApentalCalc

File Size                                      3.9MB

Version of APK                             v2.52

Developer                                   appental.com

Require System                           All Android OS

Price                                              Free for You

Facebook is not only a social media platform today but like a friend. If not visited in one time a day is just is like rubbish. Why? Toady may be my best friend sent a message or he has liked my last uploaded image or not. This is the habit that has been created by the social media platform Facebook for every user.

If we come here, we come across with many parts in the whole scene of the platform like, chatting with friends, commenting on friends photos, liking photos. These all things have attracted everyone towards them. One main thing that is you can save your photos for long time that is another advantage. Therefore, there may be 80% people who are Facebook users.

Come on to the Facebook likes for your photos there may happen that are being taken light by your friends and no liking your photos. These all problems have been sold by the smart tool that is ApentalCalc, the auto Facebook liker. If you are getting worried in this matter then the weapon is for you! Just download from the link given below and do your job for easy steps.

ApentalCalc is the APK file has been developed for the people who get worried with such kind of problems. This application is very famous in the world and many Facebook users have done so for it and getting many likes on their photos in little bit time. This also happens that you want more likes on the photos but may not happen and your dreams go waste. To fulfill the need this APK file ApentalCalc has been developed.

There is one thing that must be done to get likes on your Facebook photos that is to change the privacy settings. Go to the privacy settings and change them to public.

How to use this APK file ApentalCalc?

There are many setups these must be understood to use it properly:

Step1: Download this. After downloading you need to go to the installation process.

Step 2: After installation process you go to the installed APK file and there you will see the Facebook login interface. Login with the account you got.

Step3: Now if have uploaded a photo some days ago and have few likes to it, and you want more likes for it, browse it.

Step 4: When the posted photo opened you must click on the “want like on this” and after that you will be confirmed through the request.

These all were the simple using process and now here comes some more feathers of this APK file APentalCalc;

All the best feathers of ApentalCalc:

Your precious time saves means you can get 2000 plus likes in one day.

Everyone can like your photos.

It will simply doesn’t spam your account.

Simple to do.

100% free and much more for you in this APK file

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