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Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Limbo v1.16 APK Free Download (latest) for Android

Name                  Limbo

Size                    24.3 MB

Version              v1.16

Developer          Playdead

Require system        Android 4.4+

Price                      free of cost


Do you love to play video online games? If your answer is yes! Then download the Limbo game APK from our servers and install in your android. These are the games which are so amazing and interesting. These are the games which they belong to the category of adventure games. The name adventure means the journey games. In this game the boy is in the search of her lost sister and the journey is begun.

It’s of course the best games as the boy crosses the Jungle that is very frightening but he has to find her lost sister and he is in the mission. The ways he is crossing are stopped by the major oppositions but he is enough brave to face them and his journey is continue. He is being attacked to stop him to move forward but he faces the difficulties and does well to cross them.

Yes! The time of like real nights, the attack of like real in the shape of devils, it is like the real streets. The terrifying sound in the big Jungle and the graphics are just an amazing. You can enjoy such a game in your android phone. We have brought the greatest adventure games ever for you. This will give you real entertainment in the whole game. Such a fruitful game to enjoy in your smart phone, go to the link and download the APK.

The game is in 2-D mode so it is not in the big MBs and the game will never take a lot of space in your Phone. This means the game is supported in low ended phone and you can play with the low ended phone.

As the game is in your control and you have to find the girl. You need to play like real one in the game. This is very funny too to play. You need to be brave too while playing as the oppositions come in your way and stop to do so. This is like IGI games ever you played. Same are being stopped here to go so.

How to use Limbo Game:

The using is not so difficult. But you should read the process of using the Limbo game.

After installation the file will be appeared in the apps and games menu.
You should have the fast internet connection otherwise this doesn’t work.
Then open the installed file as it will redirect you to the playing menu.
Play the file from there as the game will be opened. Now use up and down to jump the boy up and down.
The left and right keys are used to move here and there. That’s you have to the lost sister. You are mean to be his brother in the game.

The key Feathers of Limbo game:

  • This is the adventure game, so you will get busy in the whole game till the end of this game.
  • The interface, graphic are just happy and fabulous.
  •  Easy to use the game so far and the phones which have low capacities can run this game easily.
  • This is the 2-D game as this will never take so much space in your phone.
  • The controlling is so easy in this game. 
  • The evening paths come while crossing in way. As you will enjoy the whole game in the best moments, go beyond. 
  • Clean and happy application as you can install this in your android version 4.0 and plus.
  • More and best feathers you will enjoy.

If you are really interested to get the file then go to the link provided below. Don’t waste the time. Hit the download link below. This is free for you here.

Get the APK

Download Limbo APK (Free Download)

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