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Sunday, 21 October 2018

Pixel Launcher v8.1.0-4429924 APK Free Download (latest) for Android

App Name               Pixel Launcher

Size                          2.2 MB

Version                    v8.1.0-4429924

Developer               Google LLC

Require system          Android 5.0+

Price                          free of cost

APK Description:

Is it your wish to have the Google XL home screen or you want to get touched with the Google information? If you say why not, then go to the link below and download Pixel Launcher APK for free. This is the ever applications you will experience in your smart phone ever. Just hit the download button and get the APK easily.

How to use Pixel Launcher?

The using of this application is not that difficult of course but you must stand till end of this content. So you will get the information of using the application. This is application of launcher. It means that this will change the look or the display of your android phone. If you see after launching with this launcher the phone will look like more super and smashing. This launcher is the best one and this is far away from some of the users.

This launcher will be a special one for you and your display of android phone will be more and more special.

The steps you must follow;

  • Download Google Pixel Launcher APK from the below download button and install this into your phone.
  • Believe me this application is not in the Google Play store because of some major reasons like it is not considered as the official application released by Google.
  • This is the third party application and you need to speck the place where you have saved the file.
  • You need to just tab the file and install in your smart phone.
  • Doing so, it will be installed in your smart phone. And then go there of the icon of the new file and open that.
  • This will change the look or the display of your android phone.

 The best and unique feathers of Google Pixel Launcher;

  1. This is the launcher which will bring the best and the new stuff to you. This will be easy to do like just a swipe right on the home screen of your phone.
  2. You need to just swipe up and down that will bring you the apps and games you have installed in your android phone.
  3. If you wish to bring the apps and games in the shortcut then you need to just drag that they will be displayed in the screen.

  • The apps and games which you have used recently will be the screen and you can use them again in the faster mode.
  • And much more feathers you will experience!

The key secrete!

Here is one key secrete that must be shared with you that is this application is no need of rooted device. This can work in rootless (no rooted) device. If you install this into your mobile then this will work in all conditions of your smart phone. As it happens that some applications like the launchers need the rooted device as a result you become frustrated. You never install the application in your phone. Believe me this application we have brought to you is the best and hundred percent clean application. 

If you are really interested to have this launcher in your smart phone then don’t go here and there. Don’t waste your minute and minute time. Go to the below link and download Rootless Pixel Launcher APK file latest version for your android phone.

Note: If you feel any difficulty while downloading this application then you are free to comment in the below comment box, or find this application the most better then share this to your friends.

Get the APK

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