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Monday, 22 October 2018

RepetiTouch v1.3.4.0 APK Free Download (latest) for Android (No root)

App Name                     RepetiTouch

Size                                2.1 MB


Developer                         Erwin Goslawski

Require system                Android 4.1+

Price                                 free of cost

Description of the APK:

Did you ever play the racing games in which you need to touch the screen of the phone as fast as you can do? If you have seen while you’re best friends doing so then you can do by the application RepetiTouch. Are you just watching them that they are earning more while you are just getting so hard and becoming difficult for you? Then you need to download RepetiTouch pro APK file from our servers and install this into your smart phone. This is being used to tab the phones screen at the faster or desired speed and you can record the action and can play when it is needed to use.

How to use RepetiTouch?

This application is premium or pro so no problem you can download this from here as free. This application is needed to have the rooted device. If your device is not rooted then this application never works. I assume that your device is rooted. If your device lacks the best rooting apps then try these like Baidu Easy Root or the KingRoot APK from our website. If you root the device then this application will be available for your android phone.

The steps to follow

  1. Install the application in your smart phone after downloading the app from the below link provided to you.
  2. If you are playing the game which requires repetitive tapping then this application will work. Otherwise it will be like throwing stones in the river without any purpose.
  3. The icon will be appeared in the menu what you need to do is to drag any corner of the phone.
  4. You can play the button as choose at which you want this app to touch your phone screen.
  5. This tapping will be started and will give the amazing results in fact.

This is known to be the cheating in the game. You are given the best means the top scorer in the game. In the global village you need to be more and more talented in these matters. If you become the high scorer in the game then you can share it with your friends. This makes you superior in the game but you are not actually. Friends become so amazed that how he is doing well in the games. So they try to get the tips from you. In the end you become a teacher. Is this not a good application? Yes this is. So you must have this application in your pocket means in your android phone. Get the application and do enjoy with the highest score in the games. Look we are providing the best and unique app for free that is RepetiTouch.

You must know that this doesn’t work in all the games but this works in the games which are repetitive tagging. If you try this in the other then this will be your wastage of time.

The best and unique feathers of RepetiTouch;

  • You can get the best score by using this application
  • Sharing the score with your friends in the social media
  • This is cheating but no one will accept it as cheating
  • Superb fast tagging

If you really feel that this application be must in our smart phone then Download RepetiTouch pro no Root APK file for free from the given link below and install this application in your smart phone. If you find any difficulty while downloading the file then you are given the free hand here. You can comment in the below comment box and we will try to fix the problem. Or if you feel that this is a helpful article then share it to your friends.

Get the APK

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