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Friday, 2 November 2018

GBWhatsApp [GBWhatsApp] v1.4 APK Free Download for Android

Name                  GBWhatsApp

Size                     2.0 MB

Version                v1.4

Developer              GeekSimo Inc.

Require system        All Android OS

Price                          free of cost

APK Review

Are you in the search of the applications of the WhatsApp that could offer you the two WhatsApp accounts by the single application? If your answer is yes! Then you have landed in the right place. Just download GBWhatsApp APK file from below given link and enjoy the best feathers. This application is really built to create two accounts in your single mobile phone. This is also known to be the forwarded application of the official WhatsApp application. If we come to the official version of the WhatsApp that really lacks the feathers. That are also known as the limitations like the files which are in the bigger MBs that you can’t send to your friends and the other is the main limitation that you can not have two accounts in your android phone. Such problems have solved by the right weapon we have brought today. Don’t get worried about the process about using the application. We are here to help you; you just need to read the whole article so we are guiding every process of the file.

How to use GBWhatsApp?

Using the application is not that difficult but follow the steps that will help you to create your accounts in the few minutes. For additional feathers you need to know the using process. This is not the rocket science just the few seconds process!

  1. Download this app from below and simply install in your smart phone
  2. Secondly, backup all of your images, videos and the important data respectively
  3. Now you must need to open the download section and install this into your phone
  4. This is same as you do in the previously WhatsApp, like you need to verify the number 
  5. Once you did the whole process you are entered into the WhatsApp and enjoy it
  6. If you have backup the data, you can bring or import it easily
  7. Now you can easily use the application
  8. You are done with the whole process

Feathers of the GBWhatsApp:

  • You can send the photos more then you have ever expected. You will be able to send 100 of images to your friends
  • More over you will be able to change the theme of your WhatsApp 
  • You will easily send the videos for more then 50 MB
  • You can hide your status to a part person easily
  • Emojis make the WhatApps more attracting; this version is upgraded with many emoji
  • You can chat by this WhatApp, easily messaging 
  • And great more feathers you will find
These all were the best feathers of the application. Really believe me this is the upgraded application for you. This will help you to create two accounts by the single phone. I really assume that you are the fans of the social media. You just like to enjoy it. By this application you can send the more then 50 MB video or file to others. You can send hundreds of images by the single click. You can do if you have this application in your android phone. So for this download GBWhatsApp APK app from below and enjoy the best feathers. Don’t forget to comment below if you get any difficulty while downloading section. We are here to help you. Must share this article if you feel this great!

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