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Monday, 12 November 2018

L4D PingTool APK v1.0 Download Free for Android

Name                L4D PingTool

Version             v1.0

Developer         Wisdomsky

Size                    89 KB

Require System               2.2 +

Price                              free of cost

APK Review:

Do you wander to find the application that could solve your problem regarding in the making your internet connection fast and smooth? Yes many of you really. Many applications were introduced to make this problem solved but not done. So no application can beat the L4D PingTool and you can have this application in your phone and enjoy the faster internet speed. We all know that because of the users that are increasing day by day. That creates the disturbance for the internet connection and the websites take a lot of time to load. Don’t be worried we are going to review the best application that will help you. If you really want to have this application in your phone then download L4D PingTool APK from below given link and enjoy the faster Internet speed as a single.

The application L4D PingTool was developed by Wisdomsky to help people in the same matter. Now, this has been downloaded by missions of people and has earned the top ranking. This is why we are going to review it. The trusted application that is I market a many years ago and still alive with its best name.

Believe me this will give you the unlimited speed and you will enjoy that. Be sure this is the third party application. You will be super in the browsing the internet websites in the just click a time.

How to use L4D PingTool?

Using is the application is very easy but you must know the tricks that could save your time and you never waste the single penny. If you read the using process then it will be very easy to use the application.

  1. Download, the application from the below link and install in your phone
  2. Now this section will be disturbed through the sending of notification but you have to skip it and continue 
  3. Get the application installed by enabling the unknown source
  4. Restart your device and you will see the icon of the new APK file. Launch that easily
  5. Now put the target IP address which is

The logging inervals are

  • One is recommended
  • 10 means the better internet connection
  • 100 is not recommended though
  •  Now you are done through easy steps

Feathers of L4D PingTool:

  • The single application that gives you much more like the best browsing experience
  • Make your internet connection speed the more unique and unlimited
  • This application L4D PingTool makes your dead internet speed to live one
  • Makes the connection clean and smooth
  • This is for those who download the many applications in one time and this does well
  • The best performance of the phone and your internet connection
  • This is need the rooted device root that by KingRoot 
  • Free of cost

If you feel that your internet browsing is not that fast and loading very slowly. Then you never need to think a single penny and download L4D PingTool APK Free from here and install in your android phone. You will enjoy the faster speed internet and many more.

Get the APK
                       >>>Free Download<<<<<

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